January 10, 2014

The secret of youthful skin stem cells sakhli. Conducted studies to prove it.
stem cell treatment, according to the report, the overall aging of the skin helps to eliminate the effects. Skin rejuvenation is 10 years old.

Turkish Transmed Medical Center, said that as a result of the treatment of aging skin problems occurred, wrinkles, discharges, sagging skin and younger are resolved. With this treatment, the patient's fibroblast cells are injected into the face of the patient with copies of special injection techniques. Thus the skin alive, brightness and strength gains.

stem cell therapy is a natural and safe. Side-effect. Immediately after the treatment is to return to everyday life. Effective and lasting a long time.
Antialergik feature.
applying this method to a level 2 mm behind the ear of the patient's tissue sample "biopsy" is. Fibroblast cells from the biopsy is removed from the atmosphere by an advanced laboratory technologies. At the end of 4 weeks, fibroblast cells, the application is ready. Shall be applied in 3 sessions and each session is injected into the patient's skin, a large number of fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells were injected into the skin in this area is young and fresh, were operating in the region through the production of collagen and elastin are. Powerful anti-aging skin skin sıxlasdırırlar acting. Thus, the effect of skin rejuvenation and regeneration is achieved.

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