January 10, 2014

Natural methods of increasing cough as soon as possible to cut the winter season. One of them is a coffee point.

According to research conducted in the UK, hot water, honey and coffee drink mix helps you cough. In such cases, it is important to drink 3 times a day with honey coffee. Some medical professionals as a simple solution to the problem of cough mixture and drink it. It is also emerging infections of the respiratory tract, the better the long term not exceeding zokəmə.

Balli how to prepare coffee? The mixture is made ​​pretty easy. To prepare a cup of coffee, honey, milk, 2 teaspoons honey, 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee is enough.

, as it is necessary to prepare Turkish coffee. This procedure is definitely point coffee mix, left to its own devices, do not expect boiling slowly.
needed to take a more distinctive taste and smell, which can be used in applications. Request in accordance with the "gum drop", the name given by the throat irritation and coughing immediately possible to eliminate the additions.

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