January 13, 2014

Keep children away from the computer

According to a survey conducted by the Istanbul Technical University, for the use of school-age children, more than a computer.
their health and physical development of this point of view, what is important for the experts advise. Therefore, the investigation revealed that many of the children who use the computer deal with computer games. Buddha, they are addictive computer.
 According to information provided on the computer addicted opens the way to serious problems related to health. In some families, children, professionals, research results, pointing to the correct qidalanmadıqlarına computer devices such as mobile phones, which at the time was that it is important to pay more attention to children's health, and insight.
statement hours of sleep at night, the computer is said to be suffering from. In this respect, their health will be damaged, and all-round development.
According to another report, present "The computer is considered a very dangerous addiction. This situation leads to the formation of bad habits in children.

material interest and əxlaqsızlıgla Internet sites dealing with children, only bad habits, dependence even forming poised.
duty of parents in this regard, to protect them from each. economic interest of the child dependency on the operating sites reduces the clutches of bad habits.
families should be very careful in this regard. awareness in this direction have been made ​​at the school would be better.

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