January 10, 2014

Do the surface of the cold and nasal flow

According to the vitamin C to protect from Cold since the 1970s, has been used more and more. It is true that this vitamin is important for the immune system. However, as a supplement to, not a lot of use. It has been proven in studies.
use a lot of vitamin C, according to the Cochrane study Librarydə coverage is not fully effective. The duration of the common cold in adults, vitamin C before the patient was 8% and 13% decreases in children. So cold, vitamin C, it will take 10 days into 9 days. Buddha is not an effective multiple use. In this regard, the nozzle flow, can not approach the surface of the flu and colds.
Influenza can cause severe complications at high temperatures of are observed. From the usual cold irresponsible sinusitis, otitis media, and so on. diseases can be found.

disease dangerous to work without thought. In addition, if you are just yourself, but other people are instilled in jeopardy.

disease since the first days of illness should stay at home and get a writ.
temperature is high, the patient should follow the regime of absolute bed. After the fall of temperature for 1-2 days before the yarıyataq, even the ordinary can be achieved.

juice, tea, stewed fruit, mineral water when the temperature is very important to accept that a person loses a lot of fluid, and the organism can develop waterless. The patient is less than 2 liters of fluid per day should be taken.
these diseases the patient has decreased appetite. Under no circumstances forced feeding of patients. During the flu (especially when warm) and hard meat protein foods should be avoided. Give the patient a fresh chicken broth to normal when the temperature was in the first place. 

A large quantity of chicken skin "cysteine" has the meaning that it has the effect of bəlgəmcıxarıcı.
symptomatic treatments do not affect disease-causing viruses, significantly eases the patient's condition. Symptoms of the flu and the common cold is different in a few patients are forced to use drugs - drugs that cause fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and other drugs.
temperature-lowering medication improves the patient's condition. Especially children and elderly people with chronic heart and lung diseases, it is important to. Do not try to complete the normal temperature, it is much easier to 1-1.5 C decrease in the patient's condition. Temperature-lowering drugs - the parasetamolu, ibuprofeni, aspirin, analgini can be mentioned.
murəbbəli during a sore throat or honey, tea, soda, participated in the warm milk can be used. Strait calendula, chamomile, sage dəmləmələri with brine (1/2 water + salt to the tip of the blade) participated in soda gargle with water. A large number of stores for sore throat sprays, medicines, and blowdown. sold.

Zokəmin drops in the treatment of some patients prefer to use. However, the droplet is not completely secure. Natural remedies for nose clean salt water (1/2 cup water + salt to the tip of the blade) or the composition of the sea water is sold in drug stores need to use the drops.
coughing treatment added to the honey and lemon tea, soda, milk added to the very good results allows.
colds and flu, do not use antibiotics to treat diseases. The problem is that the viruses causing these diseases. Antibiotics destroy the viruses, only bacteria are affected. Sometimes during the colds and flu complications (lung, middle ear, and so on. Inflammation) is developed. In this case, antibiotics are prescribed.
these drugs are prescribed by the doctor. During the first 24-36 hours of use of these agents has a good effect of the disease - the disease duration and decreases the risk of complications of the disease. Thus the extreme anti-virus praparatları healthy family members can use it as a preventative measure.

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